Thursday, May 29, 2008

Crisis Core (PSP) (FEATURED)

Ok, I took this deal from Amazon's Video Game Deal of the Day. I figured I'd kill 2 birds with one stone, because in the world of finding great deals, the amount of content is never lacking!

I promise, I'll start getting deals from other stores soon, but Amazon has some pretty amazing deals for me to just pass up telling you about! Plus you don't even know about all the cool ways to save money on Amazon yet.

Today, Amazon has Crisis Core for the PSP for only $25.99. Pricegrabber has the next lowest price at $37.95!

Crisis Core is a pretty awesome game. I haven't played through it yet, but I have tried it for a couple hours. It's the prequel to Final Fantasy VII (PSX). So you Final Fantasy fans who haven't picked it up, nows your chance.

Now as for Amazon's Video Game Deal of the Day, everyday, Amazon features a video game, console, or device used in gaming. You might find controllers, component cables, GameCubes, etc, it all depends on the day. The savings all depend on the day, but definitely won't find a place that comes close in price.

Another cool feature is that you can register the deal to work with your mobile phone. You text the word gamedeal to 262966 (AMAZON) and it will return todays game. If you want to buy the game, you can reply with 1! Even when you can't get to a computer, you can still check out the daily deal so you don't miss out!

As usual, I will update the Finding Deals' Amazon Deals store daily, so check it every morning!

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