Monday, June 2, 2008

Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset (FEATURED)

Sorry for the lack of posts in the past couple of days. I haven't been around a computer since Friday afternoon, but I'm back and I promise to post a daily deal, ATLEAST!

A few weeks back, I upgraded my phone and wanted a better bluetooth headset to go with it. I ended up buying the Jawbone from Aliph for over $80. Amazon has the Black and the Grey one on sale for $64.99. A pretty great deal, considering most retailers are selling it for over $120!

Overall the quality is great. It cancels a good amount of background noise and I wish more people would use these instead of me having to listen to every tiny nose in the background when I'm talking to people using their mobile phones.

As usual, I've updated the store with the latest deals, so check that out as well.

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