Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Traffic... MORE MORE MORE!

Children, it's time to gather round and listen to a little story. There was this kid, who we'll call Joe. Joe started up a blog to help save people money, LOTS of money. The thing is, Joe's blog wasn't getting any readers and Joe was really sad that he couldn't share his knowledge on to to save lots of money.

Ok, Joe is really me, and Joe's blog is really this one. I just realized that posting deals is somewhat useless right now since I'm the only one visiting this page.

From past blogging experience, I started with The nice thing about is you can get one person to visit your blog for every 2 blogs you visit. In the past, I've found many readers through this method and it gives me something to do when I'm at work.

While using, I came across a site called Web Money. Web Money is a blog resource guide in which bloggers can use to make money, no ways!

Alright, just because I've been reading over a blog that teaches bloggers how to make money, doesn't mean this site will be plastered full of ads and pop ups which bog your computer down to a point where you are weeping. The truth is, money can't be made on the internet without traffic and this blog author (Blake) takes the time to give different methods of generating more traffic. This could be through sites similar to or through paying for buying advertising.

So if you're one of my first visitors checking out this site and your looking to find some more readers for your blog, go check out Web Money, it's definitely a resource you'll want to bookmark or throw into your RSS reader!

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Blake said...

Thanks for the nice words. I hope my blog does not come across to readers as just another money making scheme. I just give my opinion of different services I have used in an attempt to generate traffic to my pages, earn some extra money, or otherwise improve my blogs. It intended to help those who are new or don't know much about blogging / site building save a little time or money. Credits Sent! Thanks again.