Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Samsung 52" HDTV Plus TiVo HD Box (FEATURED)

Today I have a super deal for all you HD fans out there! Amazon has a special going on where you get a free TiVo TCD652160 HD DVR for every Samsung HDTV you buy. On top of that, they just so happen to have an amazing deal on the 52" Samsung LN52A550 LCD HDTV. After adding both to your cart and going into the checkout, the final price is $1,888.86!! Pricegrabber has the HDTV for $1934.00 and the TiVo for $209.98. If my math is correct, that's a savings of over $255!

Right now, I'm going to apologize if the formating on this post is a little weak. The truth is, this deal is so good, that I had to post it while I was at work, and they have a site blocker which blocks most advertising, so I can't even see what the final post looks like.

Anyways, the best way to get this deal is by clicking on the TV link, looking at the price Amazon won't show and clicking on the Green icon for extra savings. You can then quickly add both items to your cart with the click of one button (Scrolling down on that page also works). You can add them separately from here, but you have to make sure you add the TiVo from Amazon and not the less expensive vendor.

I've also added the deal to the Amazon store, so you might want to throw the remote in there while your at it. You can program the remote to work with the TiVo and you won't have to have a bunch of lousy remotes laying around!

update: it looks like the TV is now $1899.99. But you still get the TiVo for free!

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