Sunday, May 25, 2008

Finding Deals' Amazon Deals

I mentioned in my first post I would document how I was going to try to make a little bit of money on this site. At this point, I could litter my blog full of Adsense ads and other easy to use ad tools, but since this site costs me nothing but time as of now, I want to keep the revenue earning portions of the site as subtle as possible.

So welcome to Finding Deals' Amazon Deals! At this point, I'm going to fill the store up with a bunch of sale priced items and update the store daily with new deals I find. So in a way, it's just another good place to look for good deals besides the places I'm sharing with you. Eventually, I'll integrate it into the site better, but until then, it will just be displayed via the Amazon site with a link back to here.

I did also mention before that I would start having posts with good deals I've found. I'll combine that post with this one since they somewhat go hand in hand.

Today I'm featuring the Logitech Harmony 550 Universal Remote. This remote retails for $130 and the lowest price on is over $70!

I have the Xbox 360 version of this remote and paid way more then this for a used one! You can connect the remote into your computer, add all your IR devices (TV, Receiver, Xbox 360, PStwo, etc) and then program different activities. For example, you can have an activity called "Watch TV". When you choose this option, it will turn on any device needed to Watch TV as well as switch the inputs on each device. If you control the volume with your Receiver the volume buttons on the remote will control the receiver. If you have a cable box that changes the channel, then the numbers and the Channel Up and Channel Down buttons will control the set top box. It's a pretty awesome piece of technology, especially if you have a nice home theater. Heck, if you have your lights on an IR switch, you can turn on and off your lights or even dim them for movies and what not. Plus whatever button you might be missing on the remote, you can add to the LCD screen which displays 4 different functions at a time and can store multiple pages of them!

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