Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Diablo II and Expansion pack for $5

Alright, I lied, you can get them both for only $4.91! What a great deal. I haven't played this game in a long while, but with DIII coming out, I figured I'd throw some time in on! Anyways, read past the break to find out how to pick up this deal.

All right, this is a little complicated, but easy at the same time. First off, you need to buy the Key for both at . You can pay with PayPal. The cart will say it's $5.45 but it will drop in price during checkout.

After you receive the key, you must go over to the Blizzard Store and register. Log into your account and click on the lightened Games button in your Blizzard Account. It will now send you an email which you need to verify.

Click on the link in the email and now you're verified. Go back to and go into your account. Click on My Order on the left sidebar. Click on your order number and scroll down. You should now have the keys and passwords for Diablo II and LOD.

Go Back to the Blizzard Store and click on the unlightened games button on your Blizzard account. Click on Add a New Game. Now copy the long string next to the word Number in your account and paste it in the correct area at the Blizzard site. Pick your language and country and voila, now you can download the CD image for Diable II.

Repeat the process of entering the string next to the word Password to get the LOD Expansion pack!

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